Doomseeker: Dreng Oakheart

Doomseeker: Dreng Oakheart


Dreng Oakheart

The Grey Mourn Mountains are home to the refugees of fallen dwarf holds, and many beasts and warbands. The legend of Dreng the wanderer still persists to this day, a tall slayer with two axes latched to chains that swing and blur around him, cutting down swathes of enemies. Dreng is famed for showing up at the right moment to turn what would be a savage slaughter into a victory for beleaguered Grey Dwarfs. Having sworn his oath when his stronghold fell to goblins, Dreng seeks a worthy death for this dishonor but still looks to the safety of his kin amongst the craggy peaks and pines of the Mourn.

Dreng Oakheart's slayer ability reflects his goblin-infested backstory. Dreng's path to victory lies in endless battle and in cutting down as many weaker dooms as possible. As dooms grow stronger in the later game, Dreng's ability ceases to function. That makes it vital for Dreng to capitalize on fate cards that allow him to fight early and often.

Cut through hordes of goblins, clan rats, and cultists today!

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