New Heroes in the Fae Woods!

New Heroes in the Fae Woods!

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To The Fae Woods!

Royal Huntsman

The woods surrounding Crystalia Castle are property of the Crown. As such, they are patrolled by Royal Huntsman who make sure that no poachers encroach on royal game.


Super Dungeon Royal Huntsman


These huntsman are the very best in the land; wielding not enchantment and spell but pure skill with a bow and bravery. They are often called upon to defend the woods and surrounding lands from the forces of the Dark Consul.


Ursus Knight

The Forgotten King has left his mark on many of the denizens of the world. Those that didn't totally succumb to the Chimeric energies, whether through magical talismans or other protection still carry a taint of his dark radiance. The Ursus Knight, like many of his fallen brothers, is cursed to walk the earth in between bodies.


Super Dungeon Ursus Knight


In one form, a rugged questing knight, but in another, when he is angry, a mighty bear. Still strapped up within the knight's armor, he is a fearsome enemy of the Dark Consul. Just, don't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry.


Super Dungeon Ursus Knight
Ursus Knight comes with two head options!


Making the change from being a Werecursed knight to being a Werebear has never sat well with those it possesses. The beast pushes to the fore and the rational being that is changed, pushed to the back.


Super Dungeon Ursus Knight


All that is remembered when the Were takes hold is a fleeting feeling, like after a dream, remembering only the din of battle, followed by a strong urge to brush one's teeth.


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