Ninja All-Stars Joins Super Dungeon!

Ninja All-Stars Joins Super Dungeon!

Ninja All-Stars Joins Super Dungeon!

Ninja Division Publishing and Soda Pop Miniatures are excited to announce that the ninjas of Ninja All-Stars are coming to the popular Super Dungeon line!

Beginning June 27, clan boxes, heroes, and ronin for Ninja All-Stars will be reissued as expansions for Super Dungeon, beginning with: Clan Kitsune (Warband), Uzumaki (Hero), Hanzo (Hero), and Jorogumo (Dungeon Boss), with additional expansions reissued monthly. These expansions will feature new Super Dungeon packaging and all of the cards necessary to play in Super Dungeon: Arena, Super Dungeon: Explore, and Super Dungeon: Arcade.

Additionally, each wave of releases will be accompanied by a Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck.

Each upgrade deck will contain the cards necessary for retailers and distributors to upgrade their existing stock and for customers to play using their existing Ninja All-Stars collections, for use in Super Dungeon. Monthly releases and upgrade decks will be available through and all your normal retail and distribution outlets.

These exciting new releases will be accompanied by a series of web articles and a richly detailed new storyline, Island of Shadows, that tells the tale of how these two kingdoms discovered one another and what adventures have arisen because of it. Fans will be thrilled as they read the story of how the citizens of Crystalia discover the island continent of Kagejima and its inhabitants. The rest of the story will be created by the fans as shadowy ninjas of Kagejima and the mighty Heroes of Crystalia clash within the Super Dungeon range of board games.

The Ninja All-Stars board game will continue to be available while supplies last.

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