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What's Black, White and Slaps You With a Fish?

“Quonk! Quonk quonk quonk. QUONK!!!”  - Rousing battle cry of Rinny-Prin-Peng at the battle of Icewind Valley.

There are many troubadours that sing of the tales of the brave Chimeric Hero Rinny-Prin-Peng! They say he has ice in his veins, though, more likely it is mackerel, yummy yummy pickled mackerel.


Super Dungeon Rinny-Prin-Peng


Rinny does not remember who he was before the Chimeric curse came upon him, only a driving will to be amongst heroic adventurers throwing back the hand of the evil Dark Consul from his beloved lands. Rinny’s wild battle antics are mocked from afar, but feared up close, as the howling blood lust in his eyes betrays what he is about to do with the frozen fish he is wielding about his head.


Super Dungeon Rinny-Prin-Peng


In a whirlwind of destruction, he slides, tumbles and lashes out in all directions, felling warriors many times his size. And no one can get away from him, as though you might outpace his curious waddle, he can throw a fish as hard and straight as any nether-kin with a dagger.




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