Sleighride Candy: Lore

Sleighride Candy: Lore
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Watchout! It’s Snowing Presents!

With a twinkle in her eye, and a wrinkle of her nose,
Off to give gifts, in her hog-sleigh she goes!
But what do I see, what can be the matter?
Her reigns have broke-off with a bell ringing clatter!
The presents are flying, the cries are sincere.
We need to help Candy get the gifts out this year!


Super Dungeon Sleighride Candy


This year, Candy and Cola have taken on a new job. They have taken on the role of Sleigh Master, sworn to overcome any obstacle, and to deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls of Crystalia. But the night is full of dangers, and the Dark Consul is not happy at the thought of little Timmy getting his first Kobold Smasher, or Susie her first magic wand.


Super Dungeon Sleighride Candy


In a brazen attempt to destroy this holiday, the Dark Consul has sabotaged the sleigh, the reigns breaking mid-flight, and all Candy’s enchanted Truffle Hogs scattered, leaving only a single porcine pal to keep her aloft. As the sleigh swings wild about, it casts its hold full of presents in wide arcs, throwing them into the dark below.


Super Dungeon Sleighride Candy


These cursed packages put up a pretty good fight, and Candy will need the help of brave heroes to help put her back on track, and gather her animals and presents to continue on her appointed rounds!


Can You Help Save The Holiday?!


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