Sohei Chunin

Sohei Chunin
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When the Sohei March to War

Champions of the Sohei that rise to the rank of Chunin have faced horrors that would render lesser warriors insane. But it is not their place to simply face the horrors and survive, but to defeat and banish them back to the Dark Realm. It is said that the greatest warriors of the clan do not banish the minions of the Dark Consul, but they unmake them entirely. Ending their threat to Crystalia and Kagejima permanently.


Sohei Chunin


Wielding a mighty studded Testubo, beyond its mighty reach, it can level even the strongest of enemies. He lends his enormous strength to support aura abilities like Together, Brothers! granting an additional Green dice in place of a Blue dice for their Discipline. With equally impressive Massive Damage attacks and Wave attacks, this is a warrior without peer.


Sohei Chunin


With Discipline running throughout the Sohei, the Chunin is no less. Being in close proximity to his brothers and sisters will instill him with martial clarity and a purity of purpose brought to his attacks. 


Test Your Might!


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