Springtime Druid

Springtime Druid
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A Sweet Bunny!

The Druid is not a complicated character, but is a friend with a great starting lineup of abilities and party friendly support.

The Springtime Druid is an especially choice compatriot for your games of Super Dungeon. With her boundless energy, a move of 7, and a high DEX and WILL, the Springtime Druid is a Fennek with some fury.


Springtime Druid


Ingrained in most Fennek are their legendary reflexes, the Springtime Druid is no different, with a DEX alignment and Sidestep, she is a great character with some epic survivability, darting out of harms way to prevent consecutive blows from ending her adventure.


Super Dungeon Springtime Druid


Whatever you do, don’t touch her eggs! Break The Egg is a nasty two action WILL based Wave attack with Bane, allowing her party members to sneak in more successful attacks. Want to slow down an approaching mob? Use Spring Bloom to choke and trip those baddies with ensnaring bushels of floral fury. And what better way to celebrate than with a Festival Egg which grants two additional Blue dice to your defense rolls when consumed?!

Don’t miss out on this last chance to add a sweet bunny treat for your collection!


Put Some Spring In Your Party, Today!


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