The First Tide

The First Tide
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 The First Tide

We are excited to bring you the first release of Orcs that have taken up residence in the outskirts of the great city of Clockwork Cove.

Through the wastes of the Frostbyte Reach, in every muck hole and swamp, Orcs run rampant as ravagers and a general nuisance to the free peoples of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon Junk Reavers
Junk Reavers is a Spawning Point model set for Super Dungeon.


At times, Orcs gather en'masse in large hordes and attempt to overthrow outposts, villages, or in rare cases, wage war against the Kingdom itself.  Whether left behind as remnants of an ancient invasion or the first of their kind to the city, Orcs have always managed to eke out an existence amongst the scrap heaps and in the sewers of Clockwork Cove.


Super Dungeon Ugluk The Mechanically Inclined
Ugluk The Mechanically Inclined is a Mini-Boss and Hero model for Super Dungeon.


A constant threat to some, and an opportunity to experiment with new gizmos and contraptions to others. The Orcs don't take it personally, they live to pillage, and the many treasures and discarded detritus of Clockwork Cove provide riches and material worth fighting over.


Super Dungeon Orcdon Ramsay
Orcdon Ramsay is a Mini-Boss and Hero model for Super Dungeon.


Remember, whether it is one Orc or twenty, the great horde isn't far behind. Perhaps it's just as well they like to fight amongst themselves!


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