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Behold, Cernonos Comes!

At the heart of every maze awaits a monster. Many brave adventurers have lost their way, and Cernonons is always waiting.

Beware the coming of the Minotaur! Cernonos, comes and will wreak the havoc and madness that is the hallmark of his kind. Cernonos is an amazing model and really adds terrifying dimensions in both size and impressive detail to your collection and games of Super Dungeon.


Super Dungeon Cernonos


Towering above other models, this mini-boss has an impressive rule set which will provide a real challenge and some great fun to your game nights. Strength, Armour, Speed, this guy has it all!

Alongside Surefoot, and Pile-On, Cernonos also has the ability Predator. This ability grants a free attack against anyone leaving his immediate reach, doubling the threat of a manoeuvrable enemy like this.


Super Dungeon Cernonos


Beyond his basic attacks, the mighty minotaur has powerful special attacks from his immense rack of horns. But a real standout is his support action Lord of the Labyrinth, Cernonos to turn a game tile up to 180 degrees! Sometimes this will separate a party from its fellows or get adventurers hopelessly lost so he and his minions can make a meal of the ones that were too close.

Get your hands on this amazing model and get ready for some great game nights ahead!


Enter The Labyrinth!


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