Doomseeker: Finding an Epic Doom

Doomseeker: Finding an Epic Doom


Finding an Epic Doom

While all slayers are on a quest to find the most epic doom they can, they all go about it in different ways. In Doomseeker there are many interesting strategies and card combinations to explore. No two games will be exactly the same, but you can look out for specific cards that will be useful in combination with either your Slayer’s ability or your Grudge.

As mentioned in our earlier article, Grudge cards are secret objectives that let you score more renown at the end of the game. Today we are going to take a look at the Sole Survivor Grudge:

This Grudge rewards you for seeking out and defeating epic dooms. This will grow your Slayers postmortem renown and more conclusively cause their death to redeem them in dwarfen society! While it is quite straightforward to just say “Fight Epic Dooms” there is a bit more to it as to take full advantage of this Doom you must prepare your Slayer so that they are ready to fight the most fearsome of creatures and prevail. So what cards help you ramp up into an epic Doom killing machine?

If you can get a hold of a Sturdy Pack in the first few turns of the game it will make it much easier to get some of the more powerful weapons when they turn up. Having one or more high cost weapons will really help you maximize the renown that can be scored from your grudge. Keep an eye out for either of these Treasure cards:

Getting either of these weapons early enough will put you in a good position to fight Epic Dooms as much as possible with a decent chance of defeating them. You may need to save up gold to do this but it should pay off in the long run due to your Grudge.

So now that we are set up which Dooms should you be looking to fight? While it is true that any epic Doom is a good target, some are better than others. Additionally, some dooms that aren’t epic are also worth taking on along the way. I’d keep an eye out for these two Dooms over most others:

The Orc Warlord helps your plan of fighting only the largest and most threatening of Dooms.

If you are able to use the defeat ability on Chaos Warriors it will help you search for and find more epic Dooms to fight.

Near the end of the game it becomes very very important for you to die fighting an Epic Doom. Since that Epic Doom will be worth 5 renown as well as the 2 additional renown from your Grudge, you will be missing out on a huge amount of renown if you don’t die fighting an Epic Doom. This Doom can help you with this if you still have 2 wounds left in the closing turns of the game:



Get Doomseeker on the table today to enjoy all of the furious Dwarf Slayer fun contained within it. Look for your own interesting combinations and plays while racing your friends to be the first to achieve a glorious death!


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