Jingle-Boar Cola

Jingle-Boar Cola
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Come Valiant Steed! To Battle!

Since coming on board with Candy to be the next team to help drive the sleigh, Cola has grown in affinity with his new charges. Donning his holiday apparel, Cola now also has gained the trust of one of the mischievous mounts to bear him into battle like a knight on his charger.


Super Dungeon Jingle-Boar Cola


Truffle Hogs may not be the fastest of steeds but with a bit of motivation they can let loose their Hooves of Fury, at which point little stands in the way of their Lance 4, Charge attack. With a healthy diet of spiced pies, this Pig Feed adds an additional red dice to the STR attack along with Improved Critical and Massive Damage for a truly heavy hit! Should an adventurer become wounded, this Jingle-Boar does what Truffle Hogs do best and can be sent on a Truffle Hunt for a rare tasty snack that can Heal 2 and Remedy and hero in need.


Super Dungeon Jingle-Boar Cola


Cola could have looked no further for such a noble steed. The beasts love of sweets and chaos almost rivals his own. Cola has found a true friend to bear him jingling and merry into adventure!

Take this unique and amazing miniature home with you! Candy will surely need her holiday compatriot to track down those that would dare to disrupt her important new job!


Giddy Up Jingle-Boar, lt's Time To Slay!


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