Jolly Sparrow

Jolly Sparrow
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You Will Always Remember the Day You Almost Caught Me!

He’s not really the Jolly Sparrow. He inherited the title from Jolly Sparrow, who was not the real Jolly Sparrow either. The real Jolly Sparrow retired 15 years ago and is living like a king in Yuyang.


Super Dungeon Jolly Sparrow


Heroes come from all walks of life. And Pirate Captains come from the worst! With decent DEX and STR based attacks, the Pirate Captain can really dish out some punishment for interrupting his nap. Sweeping attacks with his Fancy Sword Work, or Extra Powder being rammed into his pistol can scatter bands of enemies or deal incredible damage with a loud shot.


Super Dungeon Jolly Sparrow


The  trick to staying alive on the high seas is to keep your wits about you and your enemies far away. Double Cross allows you to target an enemy model and trade places with it, also allowing an attack. This bonus action and movement can only be done once per turn, but Pirate Captains will always be thinking about their next move. Should that planning prove painful, then a swig of Rum will heal what ails ya. Moreover, it will heal you 1 heart for each star rolled on a Green dice. Fail, and that rum will sneak up and bite you as you will suffer Bane.


Super Dungeon Jolly Sparrow


This double feature model is not just another useful hero, but also is a trick laden Mini-Boss that can unload damage like the Captain hero, but also works with a great deal of synergy with any other Pirate models. Boarding Action can be used to make any friendly Pirate models on the same tile take an immediate offensive action. Watch out for the crew of the Barnacled Shipwreck, when they're working with the infamous Jolly Sparrow!


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