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The Makerguild is the largest and most influential engineering guild in all of Clockwork Cove, making it also the most powerful conclave of inventors in all of Crystalia. The wonders created by the guild are too numerous to count, and the secrets are jealously guarded. The closest many come to unraveling these mysteries are when they work alongside a Makerguild Engineer in the field, as they finetune and test their latest inventions.

Today we take a look back at our stalwart hardcase, the Makerguild Engineer. This robust dwarf adventurer has a taste for tinkering, and feel sorry for the poor sod who tries to match minds or muscle with this hearty mathlete.



Super Dungeon Makerguild Engineer



Like most dwarves, the Makerguild Engineer has a whopping 6 hearts to start and deep pockets for 2 potions at the start of game. Decent STR of 3 Blue and a DEX of 2 Red means that he can dish out some punishing attacks up close and at range. His sturdy crossbow puts heavy holes in enemies at 5 squares away should he not be in reach with his massive wrench.

The Engineer has the ability Fortify. When the numbers are against him, he gains +1 Blue ARM for each enemy adjacent to him, up to an additional +3! That’s a pretty healthy passive ability. So, its not out of character to have him at the head of a group of heroes or, if needed, able to plod off on his own.


Super Dungeon Makerguild Engineer


Amongst his many gadgets and actions, the Makerguild Engineer has a Exploding Rocket Fist! This melee attack grants a reach of 3, an additional Blue STR, and Burst 1. Talk about clearing a room. Should things need to get up close and personal, his Wrench Whack has a modest +1 Red STR and causes Massive Damage for 2 action points.

Among the more unique traits for fighting are the Engineer's clever potions. Flubber Coating grants additional armor, and Spongy. Bouncing those enemies back to where they came. Also in his pockets is something from his tinkerers art, Concussion Grenades! Devices of his own making with a range of 3, burst 2, knockdown, and hex. Though costing him 2 potions, it will certainly help control an unruly crowd of enemies.


Super Dungeon Makerguild Engineer
Miniature painted by Yeji Kim.


Use the Makerguild Engineer as a great built point for a strong control hero who can tackle large groups and remain relatively long lived and unscathed while fighting. The procurement of quality loot can really throw your build in a number of interesting directions, be he more handsy with his STR attacks, or more tanky with awesome armor and upgrades.


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