New Onryo and Shinigami!

New Onryo and Shinigami!
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New Masterclass releases for Super Dungeon!

Super Dungeon introduces a new Dungeon Boss and a new Mini-Boss to the realm of Kagejima!

Super Dungeon Onryo


Sometimes, the dead cannot rest. Onryo died in terror, in rage, and in great pain. Now, she torments any travelers who come near, or those who remind her of the family that murdered her. Far too many have followed her distant, phantom figure flickering between trees and joined her small bones in a black and lonely pool.

Onryo is an all new Dungeon Boss from the realm of Kagejima!


Super Dungeon Shinigami


Few types of death spectre inspire such dread as Kagejima's shinigami. These deadly spirits lure victims into cursed pacts, offering up knowledge or power that inevitably leads to an unfortunate death. Indeed, so insidious and cruel are these pacts that many seek death in order to end the suffering their bargain causes.

Shinigami is an all new Mini-Boss from the realm of Kagejima!


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