Pet Patrol: Arcade Decks

Pet Patrol: Arcade Decks
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The Arcade Decks

There are two primary ways to play Super Dungeon; Explore and Arcade. Adding Creeps to Arcade works differently than adding Creeps to Explore. 


Super Dungeon Elrik the Lich King


Once all players agree to use the Pet Patrol expansion, all Arcade Challenge cards are shuffled into the Challenge Deck. Then take all the Arcade Plot cards and shuffle them into the Plot Deck. Finally you select one type of Creep. This is the only type of Creep that will be spawned by Plot Cards this game. If you need to use another type of Creep for any reason, you can select any other type.


Super Dungeon: Pet Patrol


The chosen Creeps are manipulated by the forces of the Dark Consul and lurk to perpetrate foul deeds when the Heroes least expect it!


Drawing an Arcade Plot Card

Plot cards represent devious plots hatched by the Consul which the Heroes must work together to put an end to! When you draw a Plot Card it will tell you how to spawn Creeps into the game. It will remain in play until the Heroes defeat the Consul’s evil machinations by fulfilling the discard criteria. The Plot Card drawn for your game will tell you how the Creeps are spawned and any special rules specifically associated with them. Once the Plot Card is resolved, all Heroes roll a green die then the party draws one treasure for each heart and potion symbol rolled.


Super Dungeon Onryo


If you want to guarantee you get a Creep plot, you can use cards solely from the Pet Patrol Plot Deck. Shuffling the Plot Cards included with this expansion into the standard Plot Deck to form a deck opens a wide variety of possibilities within your games.


Drawing an Arcade Challenge Card

Challenge cards represent different dangers the Heroes will face in the dungeon. All challenge cards influence the game as soon as they are drawn and for as long as they remain in play. The Challenge cards that come with this expansion will spawn Creeps. They might have slinked up from dungeon exits to pounce the party or to target the Hero with the least wrath!


Super Dungeon Pet Patrol


Plot and Challenge cards bring the unswerving evil of the Consul’s seemingly random machinations to Creep out your Heroes in your games of Super Dungeon Arcade!


Challenge Pet Patrol’s Creeps, Today! 


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