Relic Knights: Actions

Relic Knights: Actions

Relic Knights: Actions

In Relic Knights: 2nd Edition, the combat system is capable of weaving epic stories, and really capturing the flavor and tone of the setting. The unrestrained nature of the rules allows players to be as creative as they want, playing out stories that fully utilizes the freedom of movement on the tabletop.


Relic Knights


A unit’s activation consists of five phases, taken in this order: begin activation, initial movement, action, follow-up movement, and end activation. When units attempt to destroy or otherwise affect one another or the battlefield, they take actions. Every action is categorised as one of the following:

  • Melee: A close combat attack made against an enemy target within 2” and Line of Sight.
  • Ranged: A distance attack made against an enemy target in Line of Sight.
  • Psychic: A mental attack made against an enemy target in Line of Sight.
  • Defense: A protective action against an incoming targeted attack.

When you use an attack with one of these skills, the action will list an Esper cost. The player flips the required cards from their Esper Deck, if the required esper is drawn then the attack is successful!  If not, they may play cards from their hand.


Relic Knights


Of course, if a unit is attacked, it doesn’t have to just sit there and take it!  When a unit takes damage, it flips a number of cards equal to its armor value and reduces the damage by one for each point of the appropriate esper type it flips. This could give the unit shielding to reduce the damage of the attack or even cause backlash and deal damage back to the attacking unit.

Even when you are holding all the cards in your hand to make your big offensive play, there’s still the chance your opponent might rebuff your attacks.  If any attacks are successful, the hit and damage are applied. If the damaged unit’s health is reduced to zero it is removed from play.


Relic Knights


Finally, any after action effects such as push or feint are resolved. This all combines to give units a wide range of skills and roles on the table.  You allocate the esper and choose the attacks, defense and skills that are the crucial to your strategy.

So, rock out with your skin-tight bodysuits, rocket boots, oversized battle blades and leap above the landscape to fire heart-shaped laser beams from your esper-powered blaster. The battlefield is yours to command in the esper-fuelled mayhem of the Last Galaxy.


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