Relic Knights: Cadres

Relic Knights: Cadres

Relic Knights: Cadres

Adventuring in the Relic Knights: 2nd Edition universe is perilous. Knights rely upon trusted companions, ruthless mercenaries, or faithful followers to see them through. Before players recruit their cadres, they must first decide what game size they will play—a large game with many units or a smaller game with only a few units for each player.


Relic Knights


A cadre is the group of models a player brings to the game by spending points to recruit units for their force. Relic Knights uses several types of units:

  • Relic Knight: Warriors and heroes gifted with powerful esper constructs called Relics and empowered by mystical creatures known as cyphers.
  • Questing Knight: Fighters who have only recently manifested a cypher and now travel the galaxy seeking to prove themselves worthy of a mighty Relic of their own.
  • Cypher: Enigmatic creatures born of pure esper who hold the keys to the mystery of the Darkspace Calamity that has engulfed the universe.
  • Unique: Encompasses everything from brave individuals to rare constructs.
  • Minion: The diverse panoply of noble warriors, trained soldiers, cunning racers, and others that join the Knights in their battles.
  • Squad: Tightly knit units of multiple models that function together on the battlefield to devastating effect.


Relic Knights


Players must recruit exactly one Questing Knight or Relic Knight, which comes with their specified cypher, to be the leader of the cadre. You may not have two unique units that share the same unique designation but can include any number of minion or squad units.

All units recruited for the cadre must be the same faction as the leader unless they are Radiant or Void. Additional Radiant units can be recruited by Shattered Sword, Cerci Speed Circuit, and Doctrine. Whereas Void units can be recruited by Black Diamond, Noh Empire, and the Star Nebula Corsairs. A cadre led by a Radiant or Void Knight is not restricted to units from a single faction and may recruit any unit from their linked factions.


Relic Knights


Every Cadre is designed around a themed play style and aesthetic. But with a bit of planning, you can create varied forces to match your strategy and story with ease. Building a force is simple and fast with as few limitations as possible so you can tailor your perfect army!

Blaze through the battlefield on your hoverbike, while your cypher hugs tightly to your neck whispering the dark secrets of the universe in your ear. Start your quest as a Knight and join us in the Last Galaxy to claim your rightful place in the pantheon of heroes!


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