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Relic Knights Pets
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Cypher Pets

Available for one week only*, the Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack features three lovable Pets to use in your adventures. While these pets are specially themed with the rest of the Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Masterclass Miniatures, they are more than happy to join other Heroes on their quests!



Leopold Magnus programmed his cypher in order to inflict maximum suffering. The Super Dungeon version of Static delights in attacking monsters that are burdened with status effects, often cleaning up after Leopold, or distracting the other Heroes while Leopold gets away with the loot.


Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack


Targets of Static's Psychic Snare will suffer an additional wound for every status effect token they have on them. With their Master gaining Bane on all their attacks, when close by, there is a wonderful synergy to the suffering of monsters who get in the way of Static and their Master.



Knights often program their Cypher into Super Dungeon to accompany them as a Pet, and Tahariel is no exception. Cupid doesn't actually play himself, but he does watch his digital version over Tahaeriel's shoulder and shout encouragement when he's not whispering dark secrets about the nature of esper and the universe.


Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack


When Cupid's Arrow flies none are immune as both Heroes and monsters alike can be the target Compel, moving around the board at this Pet's whimsy.


Mr. Milky

Like many knights, Bang-Bang programmed her loyal cypher in Super Dungeon to play alongside her. But unlike most cyphers, Mr. Milky insists on playing his own character rather than leaving it up to a potentially clumsy AI. He hops up on a stool, furiously mashing the buttons in order to provide the Heroes with proper healing in their time of need. And all who play with him always appreciate it, a dedicated healer can be hard to find. They even graciously overlook his unusual method of healing.


Super Dungeon x Relic Knights Pet Pack


Providing Sustenance for his party, this Pet Cypher is worth keeping close by.  Not only does he offer healing but with Luck on side you're more likely to find some useful Treasure for you party of Heroes.


Power Up Your Games With These Adorable Pet Companions!


*Product availability limited. Relic Knights x Super Dungeon Pet Pack Limited Edition Masterclass miniatures are available through Sunday September 12th. 

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