Skeleton Lich

Skeleton Lich
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A Bonefied Adventurer.

A lich is a master of the undead, going so far as becoming undead themselves. It is rare liches do the work of the Goddess, and any adventure involving a lich won’t likely have her blessings, but liches bring their own blessings to the table. Living for untold centuries, each lich rends to gain a horde of both knowledge and treasure which can be life or death for any party of heroes lucky enough to have one along. Assuming, of course, the lich’s interests happen to align with those of the heroes… for now…


Super Dungeon Skeleton Lich


Though once ShangHai'd into working the potions for Black-Handed Henry, this Skeleton Lich has made a name for himself. In game play, One Rich Little Lich allows the party to replace their Princess Coins with Lich Artifacts via the use of Crystal Tokens. In additional to functioning as a Princess Coin to bring back heroes, when heroes are brought back they can get additional permanent increases to their abilities depending on what kind of Crystal they draw.


Super Dungeon Skeleton Lich


These Artifacts are also carefully worked into the Skeleton Lich's abilities. Return To Dust can sacrifice an Artifact for a Burst 1 Massive Damage WILL attack while the Dance Of Bones can be used on friendly heroes who have a Lich Artifact, granting them additional actions, and the ability to move the artifact to another hero in the party.


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