Memorial Day Sale

Memorial Day Sale

Super Dungeon: Conquest 2-Player Starter Bundle!

Join the battle for Crystalia with this limited-time Super Dungeon: Conquest starter bundle!


Sapphire and Amethyst Army Starters - Limited Promo Bundle


Super Dungeon: Conquest is a tabletop skirmish game for two or more players, and through June 7th, you can save $20 when buying the Sapphire & Amethyst 2-Player Starter Bundle! 

Conquest is a brand new way to experience the world of Super Dungeon. Not only is it the beginning chapter in Super Dungeon based skirmish battles, it features the first multi-part, multi-option Super Dungeon miniatures! This 2-Player Starter bundle is the perfect starting point, and includes two factions: the Royal Army, aligned to the sapphire forces of goodness and light, or House Von Drakk, aligned to the amethyst forces of darkness and despair.


Sapphire Royal Army Starter


Sapphire Royal Army Starter

Pledged to defend all the free peoples of Crystalia, the Sapphire Royal Army Starter includes 3x Sapphire Nexus Points, 3x multi-part Royal Guard led by a multi-part Royal Guard Commander and an exclusive Shield Mage hero.


Amethyst House Von Drakk Starter


Amethyst House Von Drakk Starter

Determined to reawaken the Dark Consul and accomplish the evil machinations of their dark mistress, The Midnight Queen, the Amethyst House Von Drakk Starter includes 3x Amethyst Nexus Points, 3x multi-part Boneheads led by a multi-part Dread Knight and an exclusive Amethyst Bonded Mage hero.

Download the Super Dungeon: Conquest Rulebook

Super Dungeon: Conquest is still in early alpha phase and you can try its rules completely FREE! The next phase of Super Dungeon: Conquest is on its way, so now is the perfect time to take your first step onto the battlefields of Crystalia! 


Get your 2-Player Starter Bundle Now!

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