The Forgotten King Returns!

The Forgotten King Returns!
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The Forgotten King Returns!

We are excited to be able to present and provide fans of Super Dungeon a special stash of Heroes, Minions, Mini-Bosses, and The Forgotten King himself. Going back, the Forgotten King was our first evolution of Super Dungeon Explore. We wanted to provide another area to explore as we were expanding our vision of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon The Forgotten King


We visit the Forgotten King, a commander of the Dark Consuls attack on Crystalia. He stays hidden away in the tumbled ruins of his former castle, and his Chimeric minions, cursed to serve him in eternity in their bestial forms, exude the dark magic that turned them into the beastly guises they were. The dark heart of corruption expanded into the nearby forests and the tribes of Kodama, a peaceful plant folk, turned from tending the verdant forests to spreading terror like an invasive kudzu.


Super Dungeon Bramble Knights


But, fear not! There are ever intrepid heroes ready to take on the challenge and push back the dark. Get to know the adventurous Princess Emerald, the noble Questing Knight, the sorcerous Elf Alchemist, the mighty Thundervale Huntress, and a Royal Warden.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


So, prepare for a week where we will explore this amazing range of minis and make available the monsters and heroes of these great sets, along with some of the exciting alternative cards provided for the Bramble Knight and Old-Growth Hollow spawning points, giving players new monsters to battle and try to defeat!!


Forgotten King Heroes

The Forgotten King Super Dungeon Heroes return in this party of brave adventurers.  Battle through classic hack-and-slash dungeons and defeat the villainous Dungeon Boss with this incredible bundle of Heroes!


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Heroes


Forgotten King Heroes includes five Hero models for Super Dungeon, including Princess Emerald!


Forgotten King Bosses

The Forgotten King rebelled against the King of Crystalia when he was denied the princess's hand in marriage. Cursed to the Lordship Ruins for all time, his love for the princess has turned to bitter hatred towards all the peoples of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Bosses


Forgotten King Bosses includes one Dungeon Boss and two Mini-Boss models for Super Dungeon.


Old-Growth Hollow

As the Consul's power rises, so too does the Forgotten King's and he has used his magic to sicken and bewitch the forest spirits within the Lordship Ruins. Twisted by the Forgotten King's hatred, these corrupt kodama have lent their strength to the Dark Consul.


Super Dungeon Old Growth Hollow


Old-Growth Hollow includes a Paired Spawning Point for Super Dungeon.


Bramble Knights

When the Forgotten King sought to challenge the rightful rule of Crystalia, the Bramble Knights sworn to him marched under his banner. As punishment for their treachery the once gallant Bramble Knights shared the Forgotten King's fate. Cursed by their own treasonous lord they were transformed into chimera.


Super Dungeon Bramble Knights


Bramble Knights includes two Spawning Points for Super Dungeon.


Forgotten King Alternative Spawn Deck

This companion product to Super Dungeon includes cards to upgrade the Bramble Knight and Old-Growth Hollow Spawning Points with alternative versions based in the Dragonback Peaks and Glauerdoom Moor Realms of Crystalia.


Super Dungeon Forgotten King Alternative Spawn Deck
Super Dungeon Forgotten King Alternative Spawn Deck


The Forgotten King Alternative Spawn Deck is perfect for veteran collectors and players who want extra cards for their models.


Explore the Lordship Ruins, Today!


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