The Prince's Guild: Lore

The Prince's Guild: Lore
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Beware Sneaking Goblins!

Beneath the bellowing forges, the clanking constructs and the grinding cogs of Clockwork Cove lies the Undercove, a bastion for the forgotten and dispossessed. These lost children of the sewer band together into loose gangs of thieves and thugs all striving to survive. It is no surprise then that the Dark Consul finds the Undercove a rich environment for recruitment for agents to advance his dark designs.


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


The gangs in the Pauper Prince’s realm are often a hodgepodge of various cut throats. Among them are the most trusted lieutenants within the Pauper Prince’s ranks, the Moffets. Moffets lead gangs of thieves to collect the Prince's Due. Their rise in station is often because of cunning displays of deviousness, treachery and skullduggery, all traits that are happily employed in the process of removing the last Moffet before them to rise in the ranks.


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


The gangs are made up of all kinds of riff-raff. Fetches are among the most numerous. These brutal minded goblins lack the finesse and sneakiness to become good thieves, instead they serve as collectors and thugs in the Prince’s ranks. They often use nets and cudgels to extract whatever toll is deemed necessary.


Super Dungeon The Prince's Guild


So do what you can to hold on to your purse, as the sewers are also crawling with the gangs Guttersnipes. These goblins are nimble, and quick-fingered. They canvas both the Undercove and the Cove Above collecting the Prince’s Due. When simple sneakiness of diversion is not sufficient to conceal their actions, Guttersnipes will light the small braziers that hang from their belts, filling the area with a cloud of smoke from which to make their escape.


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