Community Spotlight: Amber Beccari

Community Spotlight: Amber Beccari

Community Spotlight:

Amber Beccari

We conclude our week of Dutch Team spotlights with Amber Beccari who shared some great Super Dungeon and Rail Raiders Infinite miniatures with us!



Super Dungeon One Shot


For Rail Raiders Infinite, Amber painted up a whole crew of the Kickstarter promotional raiders. They're looking super stylish and ready to ruin some lawbots days!

Rail Raiders Infinite Thorne


Rail Raiders Infinite Canton Cobb


Amber shared a fun story with us regarding the infamous Canton Cobb -

"Canton Cobb is the hero everyone wants to play with in our group. So to prevent games-night turning into total mayhem, we make people who want to play him sing "The Hero of Canton". Whoever does it best gets to play him. 

In case of a tie (which happens a lot), the person who can come up with the most Jayne quotes in 30 seconds gets to play him!"


Rail Raiders Infinite Chuy


Rail Raiders Infinite Typhoon


The whole Rail Raiders Infinite crew ready to make some mischief! 


Thank you to Amber for sharing her paint jobs!

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