Community Spotlight: Candy's Fans!

Community Spotlight: Candy's Fans!

 Community Spotlight 

Over the years, Candy has had numerous different models released to represent her many and varied adventures.  Today we round off the Birthday Celebrations by taking another look at some of these iterations, painted by her adoring fans!


Relic Knights Radiant Minx Candy


Darkspace Candy & Cola

Hell's Belles' aren't the only thing that go fast.  Watch for the flurry of super powered kicks from Darkspace Candy and her companions' soda charged attacks!


Relic Knights Darkspace Candy and Cola

Miniature painted by Matt Owensby


Matt Owensby is an accomplished painter who enjoys customising his Relic Knights collection.  Matt runs MicrotonalMatt’s Minis on Instagram and Twitch, featuring a wonderful display of his painting and modelling talents!

You'll be able to watch them in action, as they paint on their Twitch channel, most Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7pm PST. 


Questing Knight Candy

Candy & Cola, Saviours of the Universe!

Sweet… check!  Bubbly personality… check!  Fantastic costuming and anime/video game styling… check!  Cute little buddy with soda pop blaster… oh yeah!!


Questing Knight Candy

Miniature painted by Götz Kirchhauser


Götz Kirchhauser is an active member on the on the German Team, Facebook fan page, and an avid painter of all things Super Dungeon.  Check out more of their work over in the galleries on the German Team page!


Infiltrator Candy

Candy makes a new appearance in Relic Knights, this time as a secretive double agent!  Infiltrator Candy features rules for both Radiant and Void, allowing her to be used by every faction in the game.  This special edition miniature was designed exclusively for the launch of Relic Knights: 2nd Edition and is a stunning addition to any tabletop.


Relic Knights Infiltrator Candy
Miniature painted by Simon Strauss


Simon Strauss is an active member on the on the USA Team, Facebook fan page, and an enthusiastic painter and modeller of all things Ninja Division.  Here you can see he's added a stunning, custom LED lit base to Infiltrator Candy which really makes her pop!  Check out more of his work over over on his Instagram


Soda Master Candy

Traveling far and wide, Candy and Cola search out new recipes to craft their delicious soda pop potions.  Carefully selecting the finest ingredients, they craft their bubbling brew.  After a batch is made, Cola tastes the new concoction, his tail twitching with excitement.  Candy monitors his reaction studiously as he drinks the soda down.  If his fur stands up on end and all three tails straighten with euphoria they have a winner!  The precious elixir is bottled and saved for use in the adventures to come.  Well, after a bottle or three are consumed immediately - just to double check.


Super Dungeon Soda Master Candy
Miniature painted by Götz Kirchhauser


Super Dungeon Soda Master Candy
Miniature painted by Drew Olds and owned by Steven Tooze


Drew Olds is an avid, professional painter and collector of Super Dungeon.  Drew runs Garden Ninja Studios (also on Facebook) with more example of his excellent painting on display over on Instagram.

Steven Tooze is an active member on the on the USA Team, Facebook fan page, and a huge fan all things Candy and Super Dungeon.  Steven also runs the Super Dungeon Explorers Guild who will be regularly live streaming their games of Super Dungeon again, soon.  We're looking forward to seeing more of them!


Brave-Mode Candy

The Legendary Hero, Candy, has battled her way across the length and breadth of Crystalia.  Over the years she has learned many skills to help her on her adventures.  Yet, skill is nothing without the courage to use them in defense of Crystalia.  Fortunately, Brave-Mode Candy possesses courage aplenty, and her bravery is a bright light to all who join her.


Super Dungeon Brave-Mode Candy
Miniature painted by Drew Olds and owned by Steven Tooze


Sweetheart Candy

Candy has travelled Crystalia far and wide, from training alongside Glimmerdusk Randers to studying the medicines of the healers of Celestia.  Along the way Candy has picked up many useful skills; even the most reclusive sects spill their secrets at her wit and charm.  Candy always uses this knowledge to aid her fellow adventurers, often being the first to come to the side of a fallen companion.


Super Dungeon Sweetheart Candy
Miniature painted by Drew Olds and owned by Steven Tooze


Celebration Candy

How could we finish Candy's Birthday Celebrations without taking one last look at the Limited Edition Celebration Candy Masterclass miniature.  Thank you for joining Candy and Cola in celebrating their 11th Anniversary!  Soda Pop Studios would like to thank all of our incredible fans, old and new, who have joined us on our adventures!


Super Dungeon Celebration Candy
Miniature painted by Drew Olds and owned by Steven Tooze



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