Community Spotlight: Halloween Special

Community Spotlight: Halloween Special
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Halloween Special

“Esmelda was carried away in the night. None of us heard a thing. She had the last watch, the hours when we had been least plagued by phantoms and grotesqueries, and so felt safest. We awoke to find her vanished, her pack and gear undisturbed. A few yards down the hall, we found one of her paired daggers, cracked and pinned to the rotted wood of a window sash. Now there are only four of us."
––– Alexi Rathk’s journal, upon his expedition to his ancestral home a decade after Von Drakk’s corruption, final entry.

In today’s Community Spotlight, we take a look at some spooky miniatures painted by Drew Olds of Garden Ninja Studios.

Drew is an avid, professional painter and collector of Super Dungeon. Drew also runs Garden Ninja Studios (also on Facebook) with more examples of his excellent painting on display over on Instagram.


Super Dungeon The Thresher

The Thresher painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon Corrupted Harvest
Corrupted Harvest painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon Clan Yurei
Clan YureiYurei ChuninYurei Oni and Yurei No Tomomori painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon Candy, Mistress of Darkness
Candy, Mistress of Darkness and Trick-or-Treat Cola painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon D'Shaun
D'ShaunCaptain R and Jack Scarecrow painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon Beatrix The Witch Queen
Beatrix The Witch Queen painted by Drew Olds.


Super Dungeon x Ninja All-Stars Upgrade Deck 4
Yurei Bushi painted by Drew Olds.


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