Devil Island Manufacturing Update

Devil Island Manufacturing Update

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Devil Island Manufacturing Continues

Like you, we are excitedly waiting for Super Dungeon: Explore - Devil Island, it's taking longer to print than the initial estimates, so we wanted to touch base with you with an update.

In order to be able to make the product we needed to source the print job to multiple printers. Here's how it breaks out:

Devil Island Box - Ordered. The manufacturer has told us it will be approximately 25 days before shipment.

Tiles and Token Sheet - Ordered. The dieline to cut the tokens is finishing manufacturing. We are anticipating tokens and tiles to be done in another 2 weeks. This manufacturer is local to us, so there is no shipping time. 

Cards and Rulebooks - Ordered. We do not have a current time estimate from them. (We're getting one.) However, they are the same manufacturer who is doing the Relic Knights cards. The Esper Deck production run just arrived today, and they are working away on our orders.

Dashboards (Mighty Monster Charts and Backpack) - Ordered. We are expecting physical production proofs soon. Then in should just be a matter of a couple of weeks.

Miniatures - Complete.

Dice (Wave 1) - Complete.

Everything is being manufactured in the US, so shipment to our US warehouse from the manufacturers should not take long once they are complete. The UK warehouse already has its allotment of miniatures and dice, and once the US has the printed materials we will priority ship them to the UK to ensure timely arrival.

Devil Island components - Ninja Division UK warehouse

 Devil Island miniatures and dice are also ready at our UK warehouse

These production orders also include the print for all of the Print Edition and "Wave 2" orders. Wave 2 will ship as soon as dice manufacturing is complete. (Wave 1 already has all dice ready in US and UK warehouses.)

Holidays and a new slate of various Covid state restrictions may have slowed things up a bit, but Devil Island cannot be stopped! Right now, everything is steaming towards a staggered arrival in our warehouses over December and early January. We will work at frenetic ninja pace to turn around assembly and get it shipped to you the week we get everything.

As each component is finished we will show of them off as soon as they arrive.

See here for the update.

The anticipation may make us burst like an over-shaken soda, but Devil Island is coming and going to be awesome! 


Limited Edition Saru Masterclass Miniature - EXCLUSIVE to Devil Island


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