Doomseeker: Seeking Glory

Doomseeker: Seeking Glory

Doomseeker: Seeking Glory

Dwarven slayers have been dishonored, and so they set out to slay monsters until they are redeemed with a glorious death in combat. While this pursuit may seem noble, there are some slayers who were dishonored for a reason. For these slayers, sneaky tactics and stealing their friends’ kills are perfectly acceptable ways to slay the most monsters before they die! 

Doomseeker is a fun and engaging game, and there are a number of cards you can use to turn the tables on your friends. Here are just a few examples.

The Grim Horn of Grudges allows you to fight a doom that one of your friends failed to kill, stealing it out from under their nose. That is, of course, if you are able to defeat it! If you do, remember to hurl properly dwarven insults and boasts about your own strength.

After you defeat this doom, you get to remove another doom from the battlefield. Was the slayer after you eyeing the weakest doom in order to rack up some easy renown? If they are, feel free to make their life a little harder by discarding the weakest doom out there. You’re doing them a favor, they’ll feel more accomplished if they have to work for it a bit.

Surprise allows you to defeat a doom after one of your friends defeats one, and you don’t even need to roll. Although you aren’t actively stealing your friend’s doom, you are jumping ahead in line, claiming dooms before it is your turn and riding on another slayer’s work to glory. Who said being a slayer had to be honorable?

This is the ultimate way to steal glory from your friends! Play it while another slayer is fighting a doom so you get to fight the doom instead! And this is perfectly noble. That monster was probably going to hurt them, they just bit off more than they could chew. Lucky for them, you were there to step in! Be sure to remind them of this as you play this card and take all the glory.

Doomseeker is a fast-paced game that is easily accessible to a wide range of gamers, but it still contains lots of fun tricks and interactions that will keep you and your group on your toes as you battle for glory!

Warhammer: Doomseeker is available August 2nd!

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