Heroes and Villains of Kagejima

Heroes and Villains of Kagejima

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Heroes and Villains of Kagejima

The island nation of Kagejima has been secluded from the rest of the world by protective magics.


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But in this time, there has also been a rise of heroes and devils of all kinds, stretching back to the founding of the kingdom.  Fans of Super Dungeon can explore this realm and it’s heroes through the collection of Ronin, for some of the most satisfying painting experiences our ranges have had to offer.


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Brilliant colors, patterns, and exotic creatures make up this collection, and with playable rules in your games of Super Dungeon, make for an excellent addition to your game night.  For there are more than just the clans roaming the countryside, you must contend with the Ronin as well.


Super Dungeon Yagyu Jubei


The Tengu

For centuries, the Tengu have bartered or traded their magical and martial skill to the competing clans of Kagejima.  Sometimes they do so for gold, for more offerings at their shrines, or for shiny baubles.  Other times the requests are more unusual, such as whispers of love from a beautiful woman, the first wail of a newborn, or thirty stems of saffron.


Super Dungeon Tengu


The Kappa

The Kappa are wild, dangerous kami who inhabit Kagejima’s lakes, rivers, and swamps.  Wily and withdrawn by nature, they can be found overturning boats and drowning unwary children.  Despite this, several clans have successfully coaxed these exceptionally strong and stealthy creatures into performing services…often with the sacrifice of food, livestock, or even the village elder’s firstborn child.


Super Dungeon Kappa


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