Lumi And Zakkadia

Lumi And Zakkadia
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Tender and gentle, despite the raw mystical power of Zakkadia, Lumi favors helping her fellow heroes’ in need. When in a fight, she is best at bolstering the party while delivering a timely magical blast when in need! Zap!


Super Dungeon Lumi & Zakkadia


When riding on Zakkadia, she can whirl and stay out of reach from enemies, her Sidestep ability helps to reposition her in a more defensive location after avoiding attacks in combat. She can easily enhance the WILL or STR of her friends attacks, and when rolling potions and hearts in combat, she can gain only hearts if she so desires, making her a font of healing in a time of need.


Super Dungeon Lumi & Zakkadia


The desert heat of the Arcadian Dunes has inspired her look, and she will look amazing in your collections of Super Dungeon miniatures at home!


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