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Songbird Candy
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Candy is always up for entertaining a crowd while enjoying a cold ale or butter beer. Playing as the Wandering Minstrel, Candy’s songbird voice can lift the lowest of spirits and bring a smile to the most dour face.


Super Dungeon Songbird Candy


As one of our most iconic characters, Candy’s designs have always allowed her to explore many of the great jobs there are to be had around Crystalia. Some jobs just seem to take a stronger hold and become a place for her to get away from having to assert herself as a leader or paladin, instead, hanging back and strumming a tune is more her speed. Now, if she can just figure out how to hold a cold soda while jamming her lute!


Super Dungeon Songbird Candy


Keeping out of the way of trouble is big part of Candy’s role. As a quintessential bard, she plays her Jaunty Tunes that can inspire powerful attacks from her allies in battle with an additional blue dice to all their offensive rolls. Along with slowing things down and making the enemies sleepy with her magically infused Lullaby or knocking her foes flat on their butts with her Powdered Power Chord, Candy makes an invaluable asset to any party’s adventure.


Super Dungeon Songbird Candy


Let's not forget her ever faithful travelling companion! On the offensive Twilight Cola strikes forth with a Piercing Blade that has Lance and a Feint that forces his targets to re-roll one of their defence dice. Gloom Shatter affects all models within 2 squares, reducing their attack rolls by 1 and, with Lamplight, he really brings down the house, destroying all boo booties and creeps within 5 squares!


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