The Crownless Princess: Lore

The Crownless Princess: Lore
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Onward Kitteh! If They Don’t Have Me Head, One of Theirs Will Do!

When walking out at night, there are lots of stories to warn travellers from the roads out of fear of ghosts and ghoulies. But there are very real things to be concerned about when the moon is large, hanging low and plump in the sky. That is when they say The Crownless Princess is afoot.


Super Dungeon Crownless Princess


Across the Witches Weald, the story of The Crownless Princess is a warning to those who are impatient when asking for a boon from the Witch Queen Beatrix. 

Once upon a time, a young princess went to the Witch Queen Beatrix to help her get her crown! Whether it was intrigue at court, or a bouncy ride with a well-meaning suitor, the princess needed that crown. The beguiling Witch Queen did not take well to have demands thrown at her feet so rudely. So, the Queen kept her word and, with a wry smile, united the princess's crown with her head, though not in the expected way.


Super Dungeon Crownless Princess


So now, The Crownless Princess rides with the moon upon a necrotic steed, a macabre amalgamation of the mythical Mad Cat and pumpkin vines, hurriedly reanimated by a deranged necromancer with an equally wild vision. She searches for her crowned head, cursed to live on until she is reunited with her beautiful skull. Woe betide anyone who gets in the way, for their skull may be forfeit until another becomes available!


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